Terms and Conditions

The ASL Home Office at Eastern Illinois University is responsible for providing all official materials and supplies to local chapters. Please note the following:

  • The current fiscal year’s dues must be paid before the Chapter’s items will be shipped. (NOTE: This pertains to chapters of ASL and not to individual alumni or individuals invited for induction into ASL. Individual chapters may request a membership fee, but this is paid to your institution and not the ASL home office)
  • Orders will be shipped only when pre-paid by credit card or institutional/chapter check or if accompanied by a Department Purchase Order (DPO) copy from the institution.
  • All orders require a minimum of 3 working days in the Home Office for processing This includes all Priority mail, 2- day, & UPS overnight packages. Requesting handling in one of these forms ensures delivery by that method. It does not ensure immediate shipment of your requested items Order early to avoid disappointment.
  • Regardless of shipping method requested, we cannot be responsible for delivery when an order is received by the Home Office less than 7 working days prior to date of need.
  • Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery of clothing items from the time your order is received. Clothing items are not maintained as "in office" stock.

Payment Options

Personal checks from the Chapter Councilor, Cashier’s or Certified Checks or Postal Money Orders, Department Purchase Orders, and Credit Card Payments via the Shopping Cart option on the ASL website.

For Credit Card purchase: We cannot accept credit card information over the phone or manually enter your credit card information for you.

Academic Cords

Orders for Honor Cords (50 or more) and Chapter Banners require special packaging to prevent damage to other items in the order. An $8.00 ABOVE the regular handling fee to orders will be added to these orders. Separate and additional priority mail or UPS fees apply to these items when special delivery is requested for any part of the order. Priority/UPS fees will be doubled when ordered in conjunction with other items.

Order Processing

Business offices may take 3-4 weeks to process your DPO or check request. Fax orders to (217) 581-6697 to prevent delays.

No orders will be processed at the following times: during the NACADA conference, during the ASL Annual Conferences, Thanksgiving week, and the weeks of Christmas-New Years. For more information about these specific dates, contact the Home Office at 217-581-7106


  • Priority/UPS shipping fees are non-refundable.
  • Orders shipped via regular mail unless special shipment is requested.
  • Street address, building name and room number required for United Parcel Service. P.O. Box addresses delivered by mail/priority mail only.
  • Additional fees charged for priority mail and UPS delivery


Please contact the Home Office - 217-581-7106